Duncan & Laird Associates Will Writing Specialists

Who are Duncan & Laird Associates?

  • Duncan & Laird Associates is a specialist will writing and estate planning firm.
  • We have strong representation throughout Scotland, offering a professional and personal service to our clients.
  • We are a completely independent, Scottish firm and our head office is based in Glasgow.

What Duncan & Laird Associates do.

Duncan & Laird Associates offer a personal home visit to each of our clients by a professional estate planning practitioner, and take time to discuss a wide range of issues associated with estate planning in order to help you, our clients, secure a tailor made package to suit your needs both today and for the rest of your life.

Why Duncan & Laird Associates?

If you have ever had a will or other legal documents prepared, you will realise how daunting it can be sitting in the solicitor's oak panelled office giving your instructions whilst at the same time knowing you have a half hour appointment in which to do it all. Very often the solicitor will deal exclusively with the matter at hand – your will, and not take time to discuss other related estate planning issues with you.

Duncan & Laird Associates Will Writing Specialists